Ableton Live Tutorials
Ableton Live is the best live performance software.  We teach you how to use this software in these videos.
5 videos
Beginner's Course - Class #1
If you are just beginning or if you've been playing with no understanding of notes and chord then you are what we call "Novice Level".  This Beginner's Class #1 will educate you and introduce you to the foundation needed to play by ear.
52 videos
Chord Progressions - Alternates
This category contains all our alternate progressions and advanced progression topics.  Use these videos if you are intermediate and above.
13 videos
Chord Progressions - by Key
These videos are organized by key.  You can study different approaches in any key to the 2-5-1, 7-3-6 & more.
48 videos
Chord Theory
These videos teach you chord names and extensions in every key. Learn Major 7th, Dominant 7, 9's, 11's and 13th chords in these videos.
9 videos
Contemporary Songs
This section will help musicians learn their favorite songs. This section contains only the following styles of songs. CCM, Contemporary Gospel, and all modern Christian songs.
47 videos
How To Practice
These videos are designed to remove the frustration from your practice time by showing you exactly what to practice. We simply give you gospel music principles to practice. The principles taught in these lessons will work and multiple songs and styles.
11 videos
Media Ministry
These video will teach your church "How to live stream", "How to use OBS streaming and recording software", and more.  These videos require "A Media Subscription".
20 videos
Organ Principles
This section is all about Gospel Organ.  Contains organ songs, principles and more.
10 videos
Preacher Chords
These videos will teach you preacher chords at all levels, in all keys.
2 videos
We have created videos that teach you all types of scales.  This will help you with fingering for runs and licks, and it will also help you thing in different keys.
25 videos
Shout Music
These videos will teach you shouting music, bumps, or high praise in all keys!
2 videos
Traditional Principles
This section will unveil the many principles that make up the traditional gospel sound. From blues to jazz and soul music, we will teach you the many elements to improve your traditional playing.
18 videos
Traditional Songs
This category has hymns, the quartet songs, call and response songs, and more old school, traditional songs
40 videos
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