This purchase will grant you a 6 month membership to our  Media Ministry Training Course.  This purchase will give you online access to our entire collection of Media Ministry Training videos.  Your media team volunteers will be able to train for all aspects for your media ministry.  Give your media volunteers the tools needed to operate a healthy, productive media ministry.  This course teaches the following:

  • Tips to operate a sound system
  • How To Operate OBS (Streaming and Recording Software)
  • Step by Step Instruction on streaming to a website
  • Step by Step Instruction on streaming to Youtube
  • Step by Step Instruction on streaming to Facebook
  • Guide to choosing Camera and Computer
  • Guide Streaming Audio and Video
  • Guide to purchasing Best Budget Equipment For Audio and Video
  • Digital Audio Computer Training
  • Dante Audio Network Training
  • The Art of Great PA Sound
  • and more
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