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7-3-6 In All Keys

This .PDF document will show you three different ways to play the 7-3-6 Chord Progression in all 12 Major Keys.


Beginner’s Chord Chart in C Major

This .PDF document will teach beginner pianist multiple chords & progressions in the Key of C Major.  Use this document to learn chords to play on the one, two, three and etc.  Download this document to learn progressions like: 1-4-5 7-3-6 5-1-4 2-5-1


Lift Every Voice and Sing in Ab (Chords Chart)

This PDF download are the chords to lift every voice and sing in the key of Ab Major.  This version is my very own interpretation.  I honor the traditional melody while add one or two chords that add a little extra flavor.  This song uses advanced left hand chording with right hand melody and more.  This chord chart is a great tool.


Minor 9 Chord Chart in All Keys

This .PDF download will teach you the minor 9 chord in all 12 Major Keys. This download is free to all active subscribing members


Preacher Chords in Key of C Major (PDF)

This chord document works hand in hand with our video entitled "Advanced Preacher Chords in C Major".  If you are a member, you can view the video and play along with the chords on this .PDF document.  This download will show you (2) runs to use with preacher chords & (5) common approaches to playing preacher chords on the organ and keyboard.


Upbeat Left Hand Basslines in C Major

This .PDF download will teach you multiple left hand bass lines that will help you play upbeat gospel music. This document is free for all active subscribing members


Zion is Calling Me in Eb (Chord Chart)

This PDF download is our chord arrangement to the song Zion is Calling Me.  This chord chart has all the chords to this song in the key of Eb.

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