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Advanced Preacher Chords in C Major (Ableton)

This Ableton live download will teach you five different approaches to playing preacher chords in the key of C Major.  Included in this download is a (.PDF) chord chart to help you play the appropriate chords with this chart.  Also this download includes Bass, Drums, Organ and Piano Strings. This Ableton track mimics the pattern and rhythm of a preacher and helps you practice Advance Preacher Progressions.


All In His Hands (Ableton)

Use this track to play the song "All In His Hands".  This track includes: Drum Loop Bass Organ Horns


Glory To His Name (Ableton)

This Ableton Live Download contains Bass, Organ, Piano and Drums for your practice and performing pleasure.  Use this file to play the song, "Glory To His Name" in the key of Ab.


God Did It – Ableton Live Version with Background Vocal’s

This Ableton Live file will help you practice and perform the song, "God Did It" by Evelyn Turrinetine Agee.  This track includes background vocals. Bass Drums Guitar Organ Synth Background Vocals


Going Up Yonder (Ableton)

This Ableton Live file is to the song, "Going Up Yonder".  This track includes Drums, Bass, Organ, Keyboard and Horns.


I Call You Holy – Ableton Live Version

This is an Ableton Live download.  Use this custom-made track to play the song, "I Call You Holy".


I’m Looking For A Miracle – Ableton Live Version

This is an Ableton Live download.  "I'm Looking For A Miracle".  This track is a practice/performance which contains bass, drums and more.


No Not One – Ableton Live

We made this Ableton Live practice track so you could practice in the contemporary groove of the song, "No Not One".  This track is our custom recording of bass, drums, organ, and other aux sound.


Oh I Want To See Him in Ab (Ableton)

This Ableton Live Download was created live on Youtube and Facebook.  This track will help you perform the Gospel Hymn, "Oh I Want To See Him".  We are providing this download as a free track.  Enjoy This track includes Bass Drums Organ Piano


Praise Him Praise Him Praise (Ableton)

This download is our custom Ableton Live track to the hymn, Praise Him.  This track includes: Bass Drums Organ Keys


145 progression in all keys (Ableton)

This Ableton Live download with help you practice the 1-4-5 chord progression in all 12 keys.


6 slide, 514, 736 Progression (Ableton)

This is an Ableton Live File Download that helps you practice a chord progression in a Modern Gospel Worship Style.  The Chord Progression used in this download can be learned on in the Chord Progression Section.  This song uses 3 Chord Progressions.  This download is free.

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