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We’ve designed our content to guide you to the next level! We have step by step courses, chord progressions in all keys, and more to help you grow and learn. We can help you reach the next level of musicianship.

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Our subscriptions are priced to give you the content that you need, at your level, at an affordable price. For $29.99 per month you can subscribe today. At Preach and Play, we strive to help musicians build a foundation that will cause growth for a lifetime.

Our vision is to give you all access to our content for one low price. This is designed to keep you inspired while also giving you access to the basics you need. If we give beginners that are too advanced they get discouraged and quit. If we give musicians lessons that are too basic that they get bored and quit. It’s for these reasons we are giving musicians access to everything. You can pick and choose your lessons.

For less than $30 a month you can start learning songs, chords and more.

Online Courses and Private Live Stream Discounts

We also offer step-by-step guidance to help you measure your progress. Our subscription has built-in courses that walk you step by step to help you better understand the topics you are learning. Beginners can take our Beginners Course to receive step by step guidance. Also, if you need chord help you can take our Chord Progression Course to further your understanding of chords and progressions.

As an added bonus, our subscription includes Live Streaming Services. You can get the personal attention you need through live stream classes. These classes allow you to ask our instructors questions and get the answers you need to grow.

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Be subscribing to our website, you gain access to all the content shown below! Subscribe for only $29.99.

Our course for all beginners. This course is our step by step play by ear course.

Learn Chords, Chord Theory and Chord Progressions in All 12 Keys.

Learn all the modern songs you love. We teach CCM Songs, Praise and Worship Music, and more.

Learn Hymns, Quartet Music, Old School Devotionals, and more.

Our subscription gives you access to our live stream classes. When we go live to our private audience, simply login to view these classes.

We improve your practice time by providing audio files with drums beats, or drum and bass.

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